Ok how does this partnership work? This is a 50/50 partnership, you will receive half (50%) of all sales, new and recurring, that come to us by way of traffic coming from your links. Net Income in a given monthly reporting period may be reduced for credit card charge backs or credit backs resulting from prior months' activities. The tracking and payment of Commissions under the Program is handled by CCBill. Accordingly, the terms and conditions of CCBill regarding such matters shall govern, and shall control over any inconsistent provisions hereof. Please visit this link for that information

I have more then one website do I need an account for each one? No, You can use the same sponsor account on as many sites as you like! You DO NOT need, and are not permitted to use multiple accounts to place our banners on multiple sites. All you have to do is copy and paste the same banner code into your other pages, making sure not to alter the code in any way.

When will I get paid? CCBill.com pay period runs from Sunday through Saturday, with checks going out not the following Monday, but the Monday after that - a 9-day time delay.

Can I "hotlink" your banners? We ask that you not do this but rather right click and do a "save as" to download them to your hard drive so you can upload them to your server.

How much do I have to make before I get paid? Minimum payout is 25.00$, once you have reached that amount CCBill will cut you a check.

How can I trust that you will pay me? That's the good part, you don't have too, we use CCBill and CCBill handles all the funds. What this means is that a third party company handles all financial transactions. They cut our checks and yours, so we are truly partners. CCBill has a great reputation for being honest and delivering checks on-time, every time.

How do I track my sales? Once you have signed up you can access your sales at the CCBill website, your affiliate ID user name and password that you gave when setting up the account will enable you to access CCBill's back office to track sales, payouts etc...